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What is TOF (Time of Flight) lidar/sensors?

What is TOF (Time of Flight) lidar/sensors?

TOF (Time of Flight) lidar is a kind of ranging technology. It measures the time difference between laser transmission and reception by sending laser pulses, and calculates the distance according to the speed of light.

TOF (Time of Flight) lidar

Compared with other lidars, TOF lidar has the following advantages:

Large measurement range: TOF lidar can measure more than 10m, and with the development of technology, the measurement range will continue to expand.

High measurement accuracy: TOF lidar measurement accuracy is usually at the centimeter level, which can meet the needs of fine measurement.

TOF (Time of Flight) lidar
High reflectivity: TOF lidar has high reflectivity for objects of different materials.
Strong anti-interference capability: TOF lidar has little impact on environmental changes such as light intensity, temperature and humidity.

TOF laser radar has been widely used in autonomous vehicle, industrial robots, surveying and mapping, security and other fields.


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