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Laser Lidar_CS10 | Range Finder | ToF Sensor |0.1-14m TOF Micro Laser Range Finder Module Lightweight Distance Detector Sensor

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·Product Description

Laser Lidar_CS10 is a cost-effective range finder module. It uses TOF technology to obtain objects distance information. Data is transmitted through serial port. The 815nm or 905nm laser wavelength is used as the active light source. The detection range is from 0.05m to 14m, and the absolute accuracy is within 3cm. It can be applied to the SLAM and UAV.


 ·Product Features

• Typical measurement range: 0.05~ 14m@ 60% reflectivity
• Absolute accuracy≤3cm
• Frame rate: 1.8K/3.6K/7.2K

 ·Mechanical structure

·Technical Parameter

Laser Lidar_CS10

Laser wavelength


Measuring range

0.05~14m@60% Reflectivity

Absolute accuracy


Frame rate


FOV take over

Physical dimension

36mm x 16mm x 19.5mm

Data transmission


Power supply

5V, 0.1A

Power consumption

Average power consumption


Supported systems

Windows10 / Linux / Android

Operating temperature

-10 ~ 50℃


Class 1  Laser Safety


9 g

Single point lidar sensorSmall volume Low power consumption|815 nm laser|ToF laser ranging technology|High dynamic  measurement frame rate|Centimeter-level measurement curacy|Detection range 0.05 m to 14 mUse ToF (Time of Flight) technology get distances information of objects|Within 0.1 -5 metre range, the accuracy of the Lidar  remains stable , the accuracy does not wonse significanty with the detection distance become long .The CS10 lidar can measure up to 14 meters .The  accuracy is within 5cm.

Single point lidar sensor|The overall size of the machine is only 36mm*16mm*19.5mm easy system integration

Connect to PC through CP2102 data serial port wire it can be used througe running the sensor GUI software or calling the API interfaceRanging from 0.05 to 14meters|ToF flight ranging|Outdoor range|Frame rate 1.8K/3.6K/7.2K|Through professional  international  certification|Temperature  - 10 ~ 50 ℃Single point lidar sensor Frame rate:1.8K/3.6K/7.2K

In order to fully ensure the safety of the product for human body and pets, a low-power infrared laser emitter is used as the emitting light source, and the modulation pulse mode is used to drive the laser only in a very short time to complete the firing action, in line with FDA Class I eye safety level.

Application scenarios:Uav altitude setting/sweeping machine SLAM/Industrial measurement/The projector assists in focusing/Liquid level detection/Parking and positioning detection/Security monitoring More scenesSystem Architecture:The operating system:Linux/WindowsSingle point lidar sensor Connection Diagram :Module to Serial port conversion board to PC


· Precautions

  • Do not heat this product with other heat sources;
  • Do not scratch the lens to prevent the measurement accuracy from decreasing;
  • Do not drop, hit or disassemble this product to prevent damage to internal components and loss of accuracy.


Product comparison


Sensor type

Depth resolutionA single point





Color sensor resolution--1920 x 1080,640*480
Laser lightEEL 815nm/905nm







Frame rate1.8k/3.6k/7.2k fps30 fps20 fps (320*240)
10 fps (640*480)
Operating range0.05-14m  indoor0.1-5m, indoor0.1-5m, indoor


≤3cm  1%  1% 

Field of View

H60° x V45°H100° x V75°


* 19.5mm
* 12mm
* 25mm


InterfaceUARTUSB 2.0,Type C InterfaceUSB 2.0 ,Type C Interface
The Power Supply mode5V, 0.12A5V, 0.5A5V, 0.9A
Power consumption≤0.6W(average)1.2W(average)2.7W(average)
Operating systemWindows,Linux



Operating temperature-10 ~ 50℃-10 ~ 50℃-10 ~ 50℃
Security levelClass 1 Class 1Class 1
Filter815 ± 20 nm/ 905 ± 20 nm925-965 nm925-965 nm
RGB fusion nonoyes


You can click the file to download the product Specification.

· product Manual

· product specification 

Usage scenarios

• Robot SLAM

• Volume measurement

• Face recognition

• Somatosensory interaction

• 3D modeling

• Security monitoring

• People counting

You can click the file to download the product Document or SDK


· Download the product GUI Instruction


· Download the product SDK Instruction


· Download GUI Or SDK About the product 


Laser Lidar_CS10 | Range Finder | ToF Sensor |0.1-14m TOF Micro Laser Range Finder Module Lightweight Distance Detector Sensor
36mm*19.5mm*16mm - $39.90
  • 36mm*19.5mm*16mm - $39.90

Laser Lidar_CS10 | Range Finder | ToF Sensor |0.1-14m TOF Micro Laser Range Finder Module Lightweight Distance Detector Sensor

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