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Roborock launch V20 sweeping robot equipped with ToF dual-light solid-state Lidar


Roborock held a global conference in 2024 and released three new products such as the robot V20. The biggest highlight of the product is that the V20 is equipped with a star array navigation system, that is, dual-light solid-state Lidar navigation and obstacle avoidance.

Roborock with PMD, Infineon, O-film three semiconductor and optical companis, took five years to develop a dual-light source emission solution. Specifically, the light source of the lidar emits spot and area array light and obtains 3D information about obstacles through the return time of the reflected light. The  V20 is equipped with two sets of solid-state lidar before and after the fuselage, which greatly improves the recognition accuracy of complex environments. For slippers, cables, and other small objects, to achieve accurate obstacle avoidance, more intelligent planning of the sweeper cleaning route.

Previously, 3D ToF technology was mainly used in auto-autonomous driving, and Roborock applied it to the sweeping machine for the first time, which is equivalent to elevating the perception of the sweeping machine from the two-dimensional world to three-dimensional, building a restored three-dimensional environment, "is a big technological breakthrough."


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