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RGBD Depth Camera_CS30_RoHs Verification Report By SGS

RGBD Depth Camera_CS30 is equipped with a 640 * 480 ToF depth module and a 1920 * 1080 color image module. It uses ToF technology to obtain 3D information of objects and space. It has excellent performance such as large FOV , depth and RGB image synchronization. It provides users with convenient and efficient 3D perception.

The product is powered by type C interface and simultaneously outputs depth and color image information, supporting depth and color image mapping.


GBD Depth Camera_CS30_RoHs Verification Report By SGS.This is our RGBD RoHs Verification Report By SGS. SGS is the world's leading inspection, identification, testing and certification agency, and is the globally recognized quality and integrity benchmark.



If you need a complete inspection report of our TOF lidar camera, you can contact us by leaving a message on the website, What's App「(+852) 56489966」or email「」. Thank you for your attention and browsing.

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