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DJI lanuched the DJI Focus Pro with the automatic focus feature powered by LiDAR technology




DJI has lanuched the DJI Focus Pro, a hand-integrated lens control system designed to offer photographers a robust and comprehensive solution for focusing, ushering in an era of collaborative focus control between humans and machines.

The Focus Pro comprises four modules - LiDAR, motor, handle, and handwheel - which can be flexibly combined based on different shooting requirements. When working individually, creators can leverage the automatic focus feature powered by LiDAR technology to significantly enhance shooting efficiency. For team collaborations, precise manual control using the handwheel enables the expression of a diverse range of lens movements.

With an upgraded LiDAR capability extending up to 20 meters for telephoto lens photography and an ultra-wide field of view angle reaching 70 degrees, this system effortlessly caters to edge composition needs as well as close-up shots while greatly expanding creative freedom. Boasting 76,800 ranging points for enhanced edge recognition accuracy and effective suppression of focus twitching issues along with a rapid refresh rate of 30Hz even when capturing fast-moving subjects ensures that the focus remains firmly locked.


Ranging Points: 76,800

Sensing Range: 0.5-20 m


Wide-Angle Mode: 65° (horizontal), 40° (vertical), 76.1° (diagonal)

Telephoto Mode: 20° (horizontal), 20° (vertical), 28.3° (diagonal)

Frame Rate: 30fps

Equivalent Focal Length: 30 mm (wide-angle mode)

Ranging Accuracy: ±1% to 3% (affected by the distance)

‌Power Consumption: Average approx. 6.3 W, max 6.8 W

Input Voltage: 6.6-17.2 V

Operating Temperature: -20° to 45° C (-4° to 113° F)

Main Body Dimensions: 68×25×57 mm (L×W×H)

Weight: 140 g

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