website CS20 , CS20-P used for People counting , No privacy concerns– Tofsensors
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CS20 , CS20-P used for People counting , No privacy concerns

CS20 ,  CS20-P used for People counting , No privacy concerns


1.People Flow Counting: TOF sensors can be installed at entrances/exits or on sidewalks to monitor real-time pedestrian traffic by measuring the number and speed of people passing through. This is particularly useful for managing crowded places such as malls, stations, and stadiums.

2.Safety Monitoring: TOF technology can help monitor the movement and activities of individuals in specific areas. By analyzing people's movement patterns, abnormal behavior can be detected and addressed promptly.

3.Indoor Positioning: By combining TOF technology with multiple sensors, precise indoor positioning of individuals can be achieved. This is beneficial in places like hospitals and warehouses where tracking people's locations enhances safety and efficiency.

4.Intelligent Traffic Management: TOF sensors can be used in traffic systems to monitor the number and speed of pedestrians on sidewalks or crosswalks, optimizing signal light control and pedestrian planning.

5.Stadium Management: TOF technology can assist stadium managers in real-time monitoring of audience numbers and adjusting services and safety measures accordingly.

The advantages of TOF technology in people counting applications include high accuracy, real-time capability, non-contact measurement, suitability for various environments and lighting conditions, etc.



  • Need application platform


  • TCP/IP output depth data
  • 485 output the counting result

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